Laser Hair Removal Southampton

Laser Hair Removal is more pleasant than you think it's not gross it's just lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) no surgery needed it is probably one of the easiest treatments out there and is effortless and pain-free. It doesn't matter if your hair is dark or not we have different types of laser hair removal solutions for you to try even electrolysis hair removal. The prices for the treatment are listed below have a look and see if anything catches your eye. Laser Hair Removal Southampton is dedicated to give you the best service possible and to give you your ideal body.    



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Body Area Single treatment Course of 5 treatments = 20% off single prices
Bikini £120

£480 (equivalent to £96 per treatment)

Brazilian £150

£600 (equivalent to £120 per treatment)

Underarm £75

£300 (equivalent to £60 per treatment)

Chin £50

£200 (equivalent to £40 per treatment)

Upper lip £50

£200 (equivalent to £40 per treatment)


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