Blackheads form when large pores in the skin fill with environmental dirt. This combined with the natural oils produced by our skin, as well as certain creams and make-ups can result in blackheads forming. The clinical term for blackheads is an 'open comedo' or 'comedones' in plural. 

People generally tend to notice their first blackheads during the onset of puberty when hormone levels fluctuate. This fluctuation and increase in hormones can stimulate our sebaceous glands, the glands in our skin which produce oils. When our pores get clogged up with oils, dead skin cells, and sometimes make up, this mass of debris can turn black when exposed to the air. 

Whilst it may be tempting to 'extract' these blackheads by squeezing the skin, this is not advisable. Evidence shows that these already enlarged pores can actually get bigger by squeezing them, meaning that your blackheads can get bigger in size.

At Laser Skin Solutions we recommend using glycolic acid in the form of a daily wash and topical treatment. We would also recommend a course of glycolic peels. Glycolic has a 'purging' effect on the skin meaning if used regularly, your skin should remain healthy and clear. 

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