Skin Redness

Most of us know what it's like to feel like your cheeks are flushing, perhaps when going from one extreme of temperature to another, or perhaps after a glass of wine. However if you are constantly experiencing flushing and blushing which is causing you discomfort and which doesn't subside very quickly, you could have a condition called Rosacea

It is important to distinguish between a simple case of 'thread veins' which can cause facial redness and the condition rosacea. We often get clients coming to see us who have been told by their GP that they have 'rosacea' when in fact it is a simple case of thread veins. Rosacea by definition is a progressive inflammatory vascular disorder characterised by 4 quite distinct stages. To read more on Rosacea, click on the link

Whether you have Rosacea or just thread veins both can be treated with laser and IPL. 

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