Who is Laser Skin Solutions?


Laser Skin Solutions Limited was created by Clinic Director & Owner Kerry Belba in 2005. The aim was and is, to provide Bournemouth and the surrounding area with laser treatment, using medical grade equipment and delivered by highly trained staff. We do not use small Laser/IPL machines used by beauty clinics. We do not rely solely on training provided by the laser manufacturer, as is the usual practice in Bournemouth. Laser Skin Solutions is an independent clinic. We are not a chain of laser clinics and as such we pride ourselves in delivering a very personal service to our clients.

Why choose Laser Skin Solutions?


At Laser Skin Solutions we can offer you over 12 years combined experience of laser and aesthetic treatments. We operate medical grade Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems. By having different lasers and IPLs, we are able to use whichever system is most appropriate for you, not because it is the only one we happen to have. The Lynton Lumina laser is the same one used by the NHS. Staff at Laser Skin Solutions are required to undertake the BTEC Laser & Light Award, currently the highest nationally recognised qualification in the delivery of laser and pulsed light technology. It takes months of both written and practical exams. We do not rely on the 1-2 day training courses offered by laser manufacturers. At Laser Skin Solutions, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

What happens during a consultation and how long does it take?


Most laser and IPL clinics will offer a 20-30 minute consultation. At Laser Skin Solutions we book you in for an hour. This allows us enough time to thoroughly explain the procedure and to allow you to ask any questions you may have. A full medical questionnaire is undertaken to ensure you are suitable for treatment. A consent form is then signed and a patch test is done.

What is a patch test?


A patch test is always carried out prior to your first treatment. Having completed a thorough medical questionnaire, this is the final check to ensure you do not experience any side effects during a treatment. A bit like when having colour put on at the hairdresser, (they are required to put a small amount of the dye on your skin behind your ear), the laser patch test allows us to assess your skin reactions and to determine the settings to be used during your treatment with us.

What about side effects?


Expected side effects from laser treatment using medical grade equipment and delivered by highly trained staff are minimal. You can expect a little redness and very slight swelling in the treatment area. Whilst not everyone will experience any redness and/or swelling, those are the most common side effects. These tend to subside within a couple of hours depending on the treatment being done. With any laser or IPL treatment there is always the risk of unwanted and unexpected side effects. We thoroughly counsel all clients for this. Although very rare, we minimise the potential for these rare side effects by doing an hour’s thorough consultation and patch test. Laser Skin Solutions has never had any adverse side effects in over 7 years despite carrying out thousands of treatments.

Do you offer out of hours appointments?


We always aim to accommodate clients wherever possible. We currently offer evening and weekend appointments as standard. However should you find it difficult to make an appointment during our standard hours, please don’t hesitate to speak to us about arranging an out of hours’ appointment.

Do you have parking?


Yes. We have our own car park which is free of charge.