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The Daily Mail asks ‘Is your beauty treatment ageing you?’

I was appalled at this latest Daily Mail article which claims that laser treatments and glycolic peels actually contribute to the ageing effect, rather than helping to turn back the clock. As a laser practitioner and laser trainer I take … Continue reading

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Why laser hair removal is worth every penny

When it comes to hair removal people generally fall into one of two camps. Those who’ve had their hair removed permanently with laser and those who wish they could afford laser hair removal. Whilst laser hair removal has without a … Continue reading

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‘I’m the Feamale Boss': ‘Dyslexic’ tattooist misspells Tulisa’s famous inking. What are the options when tattoos go wrong?

From misspelled Italian script like that of Hayden Panettiere to Chinese characters that mean nothing – getting inked involves a certain amount of trust and confidence in your tattooist. Having your tattoo done in the UK as opposed to having … Continue reading

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Number of men turning to hair removal has doubled in the last year according to the Daily Mail.

According to an article in the Daily Mail last week, salons in London have seen a 73% increase in intimate waxing for men, with 2% of men going for the Brazilian wax. At Laser Skin Solutions, this doesn’t come as … Continue reading

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‘I heard sunbeds posed a risk, but didn’t understand how much': Woman, 25, diagnosed with skin cancer after using sunbeds for 8 years

At Laser Skin Solutions we were not surprised to read an article this week in the Daily Mail of 25 year old Leanne Atherton who has been diagnosed with a malignant melanoma due to excessive sunbed use. After laser hair … Continue reading

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Skin Rejuvenating Collagen boosting drink. We investigate the latest beauty craze to hit the headlines.

Brands like Gold Collagen, who are behind these latest skin rejuvenation drinks, claim that they can boost collagen levels in the skin. Whilst they haven’t quite taken off in the UK as they have say in the US or Asia, … Continue reading

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Laser Skin Solutions to train dermatologists and clinicians in the use of Laser & IPL

Kerry Belba, Laser Clinician and Director of Laser Skin Solutions has been headhunted by Lynton Lasers – the UK’s leading medical laser manufacturer and supplier, to train dermatologists and clinicians alike in the use of Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light … Continue reading

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Does laser tattoo removal really work?

The answer is: it depends. There are in fact very few colours which cannot be removed with laser treatment, namely yellows, turquoises and pale greens. The easiest and most effective tattoos to remove are plain black ones. The key is … Continue reading

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How thorough should a laser consultation be? And do I need to declare any medical conditions?

A laser consultation should take around an hour to complete if it is done properly. It never ceases to amaze us here at Laser Skin Solutions that some clinics only allow 20 or 30 minutes maximum for a consultation. When … Continue reading

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How many laser hair removal treatments are needed in order to achieve permanent hair removal and how far apart should treatments be?

As a busy laser clinic in Bournemouth the first question I often get asked by laser and IPL hair removal clients is, ‘how many treatments will I need and how often should I come in?’. Laser hair removal clients should … Continue reading

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