Choosing a Clinic

Deciding to have laser treatment is easy. Deciding where to have the treatment done however can be a bit daunting. Whether you wish to have laser hair removal treatment at Laser Skin Solutions or skin rejuvenation treatment at Laser Skin Solutions, here are 3 key things to consider:

Qualifications and training:

The problem at hand:

It may shock you to know that the only training most laser operators receive, is provided by the laser manufacturer themselves. The majority of laser companies provide less than 1 day’s training or 2 days at most, meaning clinics can start treating clients with only a couple of days’ worth of laser training and experience. Worse still are those clinics who opt to buy cheap lasers and IPLs from China, which are sent to the UK with only a ‘user guide’, and no training is provided. In order to deflect your attention away from the issue of training and qualifications, some clinics state that you will only be treated by a doctor or a nurse. Being medically qualified however, does not make you a laser expert. Grab any doctor or nurse from any ward in Bournemouth Hospital and you’ll find that unless they have had specific laser training, they will know nothing about cosmetic laser treatments.

Sadly being Care Quality Commission registered has no bearing on the above. The CQC require a laser operator to have only a 1-day ‘Core of Knowledge’ certificate (a basic course on the principles of laser and light – nothing to do with actual treatment), and, wait for it, ‘manufacturer training’.

The solution:

Always check that your laser technician has obtained the BTEC Laser & Light Technologies, currently the highest national qualification available.

At Laser Skin Solutions we are the only laser clinic in Bournemouth, which insists on staff obtaining the BTEC Laser & Light Technologies. This takes a year to complete with both written exams and months of practical training.

Make sure:

When contacting a laser clinic always ask what laser qualifications they hold apart from the training received by the laser manufacturer. (Medical, nursing and beauty qualifications are all very well, but they are not laser qualifications). Some clinics may be BTEC Beauty trained. This should not be confused with BTEC Laser & Light Technologies.

Laser Equipment

The problem at hand:

Once you’ve verified that the laser operator at your clinic is BTEC Laser trained, the next most important thing is the laser equipment itself. There is no point in having a highly qualified BTEC Laser operator, if the machine they are using is a beauty grade substandard laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system.

Many beauty salons buy cheap IPLs which don’t get the same results as a medical grade laser.

Secondly, and very importantly, always check how many lasers and IPLs they operate.

Different lasers and IPLs are suited to different skin types and cosmetic applications. If a clinic only has one laser or IPL, this is what you will get treated with, which may not be the most appropriate system for you.

The solution:

Choose a clinic which is not limited to one laser for any given treatment. A good laser clinic will always be able to give you a choice of both lasers and IPLs.

At Laser Skin Solutions we offer a choice of both medical grade lasers and IPLs. This means you will get treated with the most appropriate laser for you, not because it is the only one we happen to have. The Lynton Lumina (not to be confused with the Luminette), is a medical grade laser and IPL and is used by NHS hospitals.

Always check:

  • Will your chosen laser clinic have a range of both lasers and IPLs for your chosen cosmetic treatment?
  • Is the laser medical grade equipment? The use of the term ‘medical grade’ can be misleading. If a clinic confirms their laser is medical grade, be sure to ask them which hospitals in the UK currently use their laser.


The problem at hand:

Laser treatments are not cheap. So naturally you want to be sure you are getting the best deal as well as the most effective treatment. The price of laser treatments is very much dictated by the cost of the technology itself. So if a clinic operates a cheap laser, it will be able to offer cheaper treatments. The price of a bikini laser hair removal treatment for instance is not only dictated by the cost of the laser itself, but by the laser consumables, like the flashlamp for instance. In the laser world, you really do get what you pay for. Cheap laser treatments usually mean cheap lasers, meaning you could either end up with unsatisfactory results, or worse still, no results at all meaning you end up paying more in the long run. With cheap lasers there is also a higher risk of burning and blistering. This is because, the cheaper the laser, the less control there is over exactly how the energy is delivered onto the skin.

The solution:

Choose a laser clinic which offers:

  • An honest price for the treatment you require.
  • Treatment packages. If you commit to having treatment at a clinic, it rewards you with treatments.
  • A refer a friend scheme thereby earning you treatments/discounts.
  • A corporate discount so both you and your work colleagues can all make savings.

Make sure:

Ask whether your clinic offers all of the above.

At Laser Skin Solutions you can be sure you will be getting the best deal. Not only are we BTEC qualified and operate a range of medical grade lasers and IPLs we also promise not to be beaten on price when comparing like for like laser treatments in Bournemouth. Check out our Price Promise.

For more information please book in for your consultation at our Laser Clinic Bournemouth by calling 01202 29 69 69.