Waxing or sugaring has been around for centuries and has long provided women with an effective form of hair removal, particularly for our bikini lines. More recently however, waxing and laser hair removal is proving just as popular with men as it is with women as our male counterparts finally start grooming, trimming and removing unwanted hair on their bikini lines.

So what is ‘The Male Brazilian’?

Put simply, the ‘male brazilian’ is a form of hair removal using wax which removes even more hair than the amount usually removed from the bikini line. Originating in Brazil, it is otherwise known as the ‘Sunga wax’ which was designed to remove as much hair as possible in order to wear the ‘sunga bikini’ (a very skimpy speedo). Brazil has long been synonymous with scantily clad gorgeous beach-babes, sporting the most minimalist bikinis on the planet, however it wasn’t long before male beach goers joined the trend. As the ‘Sunga’ became a hit with the boys, so too did the sunga wax.

As any woman will tell you however, waxing the bikini is no picnic. Particularly if you’re going for the ‘brazilian’ look. It wasn’t long before the boys came to this painful realization themselves. Not only is the sunga wax extremely painful for men, but it has to be repeated frequently as it is only a temporary solution to hair removal. The solution? Welcome laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal

Men have long been fans of laser hair removal and were not far behind their female counterparts to take advantage of smooth hair-free skin. Laser hair removal for backs, chests, necks, buttocks and even beards has meant that men too can wave goodbye to the razor and those oh so painful waxing appointments at the salon. But the bikini line? Really? Surely men would be too apprehensive to even entertain the idea of lasering their unmentionables? Not so. Whilst Bournemouth beach is no Brazil, men are now increasingly keeping their bikini areas neat and trim which can only be a good thing for us girls, and boys alike. Whilst waxing has it’s own problems (namely painful ingrowing hairs) Laser hair removal is not without risk which is why it is extremely important that your chosen clinic operates medical grade lasers, the staff are BTEC Laser trained and are fully insured.  For more information on how to choose a laser clinic in Bournemouth or elsewhere, check out the article on this blog.

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