Hair removal can be one of the biggest and time-consuming problems for transsexual women. Shaving alone does not provide permanent hair removal and often leaves a grey shadow on the skin. Completing the feminine look post op requires a permanent hair removal solution such as laser hair removal or electrolysis. Both forms of hair removal are permanent but electrolysis is more painful, slow and time consuming as it requires treating one hair follicle at a time. Laser hair removal on the other hand is quick and convenient as well as permanent. Whilst electrolysis definitely has its place as a permanent hair removal option, it is more suited to removing the odd whisker (particularly if the hair is white), rather than removing an entire beard area.

Advances in laser hair removal technology over the last decade means good news for both transgender clients and anyone wanting to permanently remove body hair. Medical grade lasers now enable hair to be removed in approximately six treatments, with minimal side effects. As laser hair removal advances and technology gets better, so too do the options for hair removal clients. At Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth, it is now possible to treat all skin types for laser hair removal and most hair colours.

Deciding to have laser treatment is straight forward. Deciding where to have your laser hair removal can be tricky. For sensible, no non-sense advice on the three most important points to consider, please read the article ‘How to choose a laser clinic‘ on our main website at

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