The Laser Clinic: Most people will have a gut feeling as to whether any given laser clinic is where they would like to have a laser hair removal treatment for instance. However appearances can be deceptive. An ultra modern, chic looking clinic could detract from the real issues at stake, namely how safe and effective their laser equipment is and whether staff are sufficiently trained. Always ensure therefore that your chosen laser clinic offers a free consultation allowing you time to find out all about the treatment in question and enable you to quiz the clinic and laser operator to your heart’s content.

Be an informed laser client and be sure to ask questions to test the laser operator’s knowledge about lasers and laser hair removal. Well trained and informed staff should be only delighted to impart with both their practical and technical knowledge.

The Laser: Always choose a laser clinic which offers both laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – in other words ensure that your chosen clinic has more than one laser to choose from. Don’t fall for marketing hype which claims that the one laser or IPL which a clinic happens to have is the right one for you. Almost every laser and IPL can technically be applied to any skin type without causing any unwanted side effects simply by manipulating the settings, but only the right laser or IPL used at the appropriate settings or ‘parameters’ will result in permanent hair reduction. Again, always ensure that your chosen clinic has a choice of laser and IPL for any given treatment (eg hair removal). Some clinics advertise as having more than one laser, but in reality they still only have one laser that can be used for hair removal and another laser which can only be used for say thread vein removal.  Bottom line, they still only have one laser for each treatment type. At Laser Skin Solutions we offer a choice of both laser and IPL for permanent hair removal in Bournemouth.

Another consideration is whether the laser or IPL itself is medical grade. Many clinics use small Intense Pulsed Light systems which are intended for beauty clinics and are not the same grade of laser used in hospitals. At Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth we use the Lynton Lumina, which is the same laser used by the NHS (not to be confused with the small IPL the ‘Luminette’).

The Laser operator: the best laser consultants are those who have the most practical hands-on experience as well as recognised laser qualifications. It’s no use having a high spec medical grade laser if the person delivering the treatments has neither the experience nor the qualifications. Equally there’s little point having qualifications without the experience.

Always ask what qualifications your laser operator has. More often than not, the only training received is from the laser manufacturer themselves. This can vary from 2 hours, to 2 days maximum depending on the laser in place. It is simply not possible to gain enough technical or practical knowledge in laser hair removal or laser skin rejuvenation to perform safe and effective treatments.

At Laser Skin Solutions, laser clinic Bournemouth anyone operating a laser or Intense Pulsed Light system (IPL) has to hold the BTEC Laser & Light technologies certificate. This takes a year to complete with both written exams and practical assessments.

A good laser practitioner should be able to answer anything from the simplest laser hair removal questions, to more complex physics questions about wavelengths.

If you would like to test out knowledge and find out which laser or IPL is best for you, book in now for a free consultation by calling our Bournemouth laser clinic, Laser Skin Solutions on 01202 29 69 69.

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