Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light systems for permanent hair removal emit light of a certain wavelength which is attracted by the melanin (pigment colour) in the hair. The technical term is called ‘selective photothermolysis’ meaning that the laser or IPL ‘selectively’ heats and destroys the hair, whilst protecting the surrounding skin. Due to the nature of how laser hair removal works therefore, it is crucially important that the skin is not tanned. The ideal scenario for laser hair removal is dark hair and pale skin. However with advances in technology it is possible to treat all skin types and most hair types.

At Laser Skin Solutions Laser clinic Bournemouth we operate both a laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system meaning we can treat all skin types and fairer hair. However due to the way in which laser hair removal works, (ie selective photothermolysis) it is important that the hair is always darker than the skin in order for laser hair removal systems to select and destroy it.

As you will see from the photos in the following link, the hair on this male client’s chest hair is darker than his skin tone. This proves to be the ideal conditions for permanent hair reduction or permanent hair removal at our laser clinic bournemouth

Before and after photos of laser hair removal at Laser Skin Solutions Laser clinic Bournemouth

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