As a busy laser clinic in Bournemouth the first question I often get asked by laser and IPL hair removal clients is, ‘how many treatments will I need and how often should I come in?’.

Laser hair removal clients should expect to have approximately 6 laser treatments in order to achieve permanent hair removal. This can depend very much on the hair and skin type but in general 6 treatments with a medical grade laser should see the end of unwanted hair. Certain parts of the body like the face or extended bikini can take 6-8 treatments as the hair in these areas is very hormonally driven. A standard bikini line however should take around 6 treatments.

It is crucial that hair is removed using a powerful medical grade laser. Cheaper, less powerful systems, often used in beauty clinics, can make the hair thinner and finer, rather than remove it permanently which in the long run makes it more difficult to treat. Click here to find out more on the importance of the laser hair removal equipment itself:

‘How to choose a laser clinic’

The frequency of treatments also depends on body area. Laser hair removal for bikini and underarms for instance should be every 6-8 weeks. For the face, every 4-6 weeks. Clients often tell me that other laser clinics in Bournemouth and even London suggest a fixed 6 week interval no matter what the treatment, whereas other laser clinics in Bournemouth suggest anything up to 3 months between treatments. Some Bournemouth laser clinics insist on a 12 week interval gap for laser hair removal on the male chest for instance. This is unnecessary and means it will take longer for the client to achieve permanent hair removal. Male laser clients at my Bournemouth laser clinic get treated every 6-8 weeks and usually only require 6 treatments, as the photos in the link above illustrate.

In order to get the timings right, it’s important to understand hair growth cycles and to know the cycle time for each body area. At Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth we assess each client individually by allowing a full hour of one to one time, completely free of charge.

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