A laser hair removal consultation is the first step towards embarking on a hair free you. It is very important therefore that your chosen clinic allows enough time to thoroughly assess whether you are suitable for the treatment and to allow you time to ask any questions you may have about the procedure. At Laser Skin Solutions, Laser Clinic Bournemouth we allow a full hour for all laser hair removal and laser skin treatment consultations in a quiet and confidential environment, meaning you get that one to one time to thoroughly explore whether this is the right treatment for you.

Do’s and Don’t’s at a laser consultation:


– Do expect to have a full hour of one to one with your laser consultant for laser hair removal or laser skin treatments.

– Do prepare lots of questions – if necessary write them down beforehand

– Do arrive in plenty of time so that your consultation is not cut short

– Do ensure you discuss all medical conditions or medications you may have/may be taking as these could impact on your laser treatment.

– Do question your consultant about their qualifications. Ask them which ‘laser’ qualifications they hold. Beauty and even nursing qualifications are all very well but make sure you know what ‘laser’ qualifications they have. Most ‘laser consultants’ are only trained by the laser manufacturer. This can vary from 2 hours to 2 days maximum after which they can start lasering. At Laser Skin Solutions we insist on staff obtaining the BTEC Laser & Light, the only nationally recognised qualification in the UK.

– Do ask whether your chosen clinic can offer you a choice of both laser and IPL to ensure you get treated with whichever is most appropriate for you, not because it is the only system they have.

– Do your research before booking a consultation. What does the website look like? Is it informative? Does it give you details of the laser qualifications held? Does it simply say ‘fully qualified’ or does it specify which qualifications. A laser consultant may well be ‘fully qualified’, but in what exactly?


– Don’t be afraid to question your practitioner. If they tell you they are qualified, ask them to specify

– Don’t go ahead with laser hair removal treatment (or any laser skin treatment) unless you feel completely comfortable with you laser consultant and the procedure has been thoroughly explained to you.

– Don’t commit to laser hair removal packages of more than 5 treatments. And don’t commit at all unless you are 100% sure you would like to go ahead with treatment. Check what the refund policy is.

–       Don’t choose a clinic with only one laser or IPL. If the clinic has only one system this is what you will get treated with which may not be the best laser or IPL for you. Clinics may have more than one laser, but ask whether they have a more than one laser (and therefore a ‘choice’) for your chosen treatment eg laser hair removal.

–       Don’t be afraid to ask about any risks or side effects and ensure they are thoroughly explained to you

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