What kind of moisturiser should I use during the winter?

At my Bournemouth laser clinic, I often get asked by clients whether their skincare routine should change during the winter months. This is a very good question but the answer will not be the same for everyone as this will very much depend on your skin type.

Generally speaking if you are either a normal, dry or combination skin type, it is advisable to invest in a heavier duty moisturiser which is better suited to harsher weather conditions. Water evaporation from our skins due to the cold and wind during the winter months (not to mention our central heating) means our skins can become dry and flakey. Our skincare routine therefore need not change dramatically, but should be tweaked and adjusted according to our environment. Clients at Laser Skin Solutions, Bournemouth using the Jan Marini Transformation Serum, will simply use the cream version of the same product. It provides exactly the same hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients but comes in a heavier-duty cream form which is ideal for winter.

If you have very greasy skin however, it will not be necessary to switch to a cream. Our skin does a pretty good job of hydrating itself unless you have particularly dry skin that is. In most cases, skin just needs a little helping hand to deal with the onslaught of changing environmental conditions like central heating, air-conditioning and harsh weather conditions.

Is it really necessary to use a night cream?

We often get asked this at our Bournemouth laser clinic. In mainstream cosmetic brands found in places like Boots or Superdrug, the main difference between most day and night creams of the same brand is that the night cream does not contain sunscreen. Clearly this is not required at night. However if like the Jan Marini skincare system (which we recommend at our Bournemouth laser clinic) your skincare system has a separate sunscreen altogether, then we would recommend you use the same moisturiser at night as you would during the day. The most important thing is that you use something to hydrate the skin at night whilst sleeping.

Why do I need to wear sunscreen during the winter?

UVA is the same strength all year round regardless of where we are in relation to the sun. Unlike UVB which gives you a tan, UVA goes deep into the dermis layer of the skin, eats your collagen giving you lines and wrinkles and can even cause skin cancer. As we often tell our clients at our Bournemouth laser clinic, think of UVB for Burn, and UVA for Age. UVA is the ageing ray and so we strongly advise all clients at Laser Skin Solutions to wear their SPF30 sunscreen all year round. Around 90% of all the environmental ageing on our faces occurs between the months of September and May and not during not the summer months as is commonly believed. Sunscreen will definitely help prevent the formation of thread veins, pigmentation and sunspots, as well as lines and wrinkles. In harsher weather conditions when skin can become dry and flakey, having a course of glycolic peels will really brighten up your skin, clearing away the dull debris that can make our skins look a little lifeless. It will allow your products to sink in and work that much harder for you.

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