Brands like Gold Collagen, who are behind these latest skin rejuvenation drinks, claim that they can boost collagen levels in the skin. Whilst they haven’t quite taken off in the UK as they have say in the US or Asia, they have nevertheless drawn a fair amount of attention in the national press. After all, wouldn’t it be amazing if the answer to all your beauty concerns were as simple as downing a bottle of collagen each morning, alongside your daily dose of Yakult? You could be forgiven for detecting a tone of skepticism.

So what is collagen? Coming from the Greek ‘Kolla’, meaning ‘glue’, collagen is the tough fibrous protein present in our skin, which gives it its texture and elasticity. Proteins, like collagen are made up of amino acids, the building blocks of protein chains. A balanced diet therefore which includes healthy protein like lean meat and fish will be beneficial for the body’s collagen building capabilities. When we eat a piece of chicken and fish, the protein is broken down by the stomach’s acid into amino acids which are then used by the body to build muscle and healthy tissue. Much the same however would happen if you were to consume a collagen drink. This would get broken down by stomach acid and the amino acids would then be used by the body to make healthy tissue. What you may ask therefore, is the benefit of buying and consuming these expensive collagen drinks? None whatsoever. You may as well eat a lean piece of chicken or fish.

Dermatologists have been quick to label this as a scam and have been inclined to agree.

Dr. Peter A Aldea, Mephis Plastic Surgeon says, “This IS a scam. Collagen is just another protein chain which when eaten is digested by the stomach acids and the upper small bowel into its particular amino acid subunits. As long as the source of protein is high in amino acids (instead of fat etc), any one source of eaten protein is not better than another. Don’t waste your money.”

Dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting agrees, “I just haven’t seen any evidence that explains why taking collagen orally should improve the quantity of collagen in your skin, the collagen in a drink is broken down in your stomach. There’s no direct channel to the skin.”

Visit the Boots website however and you will see testimonials from women who are only too happy to sing its praises. One lady says,

I have never taken oral beauty supplements for my skincare routine until I got my hands on these. I can’t describe the taste although its quite peppery but nothing too unpleasant. I noticed an improvement on my skin. My face felt smoother and softer to the touch. Fine lines were less visible. Overall I am quite pleased with the results and would recommend anyone who wants an easier skincare routine. It is a little pricey but worth trying for the results.”

The skin rejuvenation effects of visible improvement in skin tone and texture however, described by the lady above, is most likely down to the vitamin C and E which have been added to the drinks. These vitamins which are well known for having a beneficial effect on the skin also have moisturising and hydrating properties. The answer? Save your money and spend it on good food and invest in some good quality supplements. The best drink for your skin in our opinion? Water! It’s practically free and in abundance – at least in this country. So make the most of it.

Collagen however is only part of the whole picture when it comes to skin rejuvenation. We often get asked ‘what is skin rejuvenation’. People often think we are putting ‘youth’ back in to the skin. In fact the laser treatments we offer are simply taking away the things that age us, like sun damage,  thread veins, pigmentation and lines and wrinkles. We even out skin tone by removing sunspots and  performing thread vein removal treatments so that skin appears more even in tone and texture.

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