According to an article in the Daily Mail’s online Femail site, having a facelift will only make you look three years younger and doesn’t improve your attractiveness. This may come as a surprise to most people who are fans of the Channel 4 program, ‘Ten Years Younger’. A unique study led by Dr. Joshua Zimm, of Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Institute, New York found that often the surgeons carrying out the surgery don’t tell patients they will look younger or even more attractive, but rather they will look “fresher” and “less tired”.

At Laser Skin Solutions this doesn’t come as a surprise to us. Skin rejuvenation is about taking away the things that age us, ( thread veins, sunspots etc), but does that make us more attractive? Yes and no. Essentially we are born with the looks we are given. However over time our skin quality deteriorates as a result of genetics, but also environmental factors. It is a well known fact for instance that skin tone, or rather evenness of skin tone is the single most attractive facial quality after symmetry. So if you are a bit of a sun worshiper and develop sunspots over time, having a course of laser pigmentation treatment will certainly even out your skin tone and ultimately, according to many, will make your skin appear more attractive.

Skin rejuvenation literally means putting youth back into the skin. In fact what we are actually doing at our Bournemouth laser clinic when we perform skin rejuvenation is to remove the things that age us. Does that make us look more attractive? We think so and so do our clients. Having fresh, radiant, healthy looking skin makes us feel more confident and ultimately happier. We do however feel that surgeons at the Lenox Hill Hospital are taking the right approach. After all, being ‘attractive’ is very subjective and it would be wrong to promise clients considering a full-face lift that it will make them look ‘more attractive’. For any cosmetic procedure whether it is full on plastic surgery or simply laser hair removal, as we frequently undertake at our Bournemouth laser clinic, the key is good client selection. At Laser Skin Solutions Laser clinic Bournemouth we often turn clients away if we feel that they are either not suitable for treatment, or have unrealistic expectation for treatment outcome. Many laser clinics encourage clients to undergo treatment even if they have unrealistic expectations just in order to ‘clinch that sale’. Laser consultants working for large chains are often under a lot of pressure to meet high sales targets resulting in the client not always getting advice that’s in the best interest for them.

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