It has been another busy week at Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth. Not least because we were contacted by Yahoo Lifestyle to contribute to their article on laser tattoo removal.
Laser tattoo removal is gaining in popularity for many different reasons. The recent increase in backstreet and mobile tattoo artists has resulted in many a dodgy tattoo being created which people end up being very unhappy with.

As Hayden Panettierre discovered, when a tattoo goes wrong (like a misspelling) it can take a fair few treatments and many months to either fade or remove it completely. What Hayden may not have been aware of however, is had she gone to a laser clinic within the first month of having the tattoo done, there’s a good chance it could have been removed with one treatment.

When ink is injected into the skin, within a month it gets encapsulated in collagen. Once this takes place, it then takes 8 to 12 treatments, with a 6-8 week gap between each in order to completely remove a professional black tattoo. At our Bournemouth laser clinic we are keen to spread the word that should you or anyone you know have a tattoo that they are unhappy with, to get to us ASAP and certainly within the first month.

Tattoos used to be ‘for life’ but now with the ever increasing advances in laser technology, laser tattoo removal is allowing people to both have a change of heart and change in taste. At Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth we do a lot of laser tattoo removal for people who no longer want the names of their ex permanently inked on their bodies. We also do a lot of fading and removal of tattoos which people had done 20 years ago. Just as fashions change (after all you don’t wear the same clothes you did 20 years ago), so does body art. Good to know therefore that laser tattoo removal and laser tattoo fading can allow you to make way for your new creation.

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