According to an article in the Daily Mail last week, salons in London have seen a 73% increase in intimate waxing for men, with 2% of men going for the Brazilian wax. At Laser Skin Solutions, this doesn’t come as a surprise given the sharp increase we have experienced at our Bournemouth laser clinic for laser hair removal for men.

It wasn’t so long ago that men used to have to resort to pinching their girlfriend’s or wives’ cosmetic products in a bid to keep their skin looking good and hydrated. Then along came L’Oreal’s simple and clear message to men on skin rejuvenation, that they too are ‘worth it’. Suddenly the use of well-groomed male models like Hugh Laurie and Gerard Butler to sell L’Oreal’s Men Expert meant it was no longer taboo for men to be seen to be grooming themselves. And it doesn’t just stop there. According to the Daily Mail, British men are no longer settling for the ‘natural’ look downstairs, with many choosing to keep the male bikini line either tidied up or going for a completely smooth look and removing their hair completely.

Whilst some men opt for waxing, many are now turning to laser hair removal for their hair removal needs. Many men find waxing painful in the genital area and it can cause serious problems in terms of in growing hairs which can be incredibly itchy. Excessive scratching can cause skin to be damaged in the male bikini area which in turn can cause problems with infection.

Laser hair removal for men in the form of ‘back, sack and crack’ tends to be less painful, cleaner and provides a long term solution for unwanted hair. At Laser Skin Solutions, laser clinic Bournemouth, we offer 3 different choices of laser and IPL hair removal meaning we can treat all skin and hair types. We are also the most highly trained laser clinic in the area. We do not rely solely on the training provided by the laser manufacturer. We are BTEC laser qualified and are the only laser clinic in Bournemouth which both treats members of the public and trains medical professionals in the use of Lasers and IPLs.

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