According to the article in the Daily Mail, the ever-changing face of Kim Kardashian has sparked much controversy since she first hit the headlines in 2006. Surgeons and aestheticians alike have all been too keen to second-guess just what Kim has actually had done. All this amid rumours that Kanye West has insisted on a pre-nup clause banning all further cosmetic surgery.

Whether like some cosmetic surgeons you think she’s had a hairline lift, or simply resorts to Botox for a more youthful look, it does seem obvious that Kim has had laser hair removal. Her ‘baby hair’ from the front of her natural hairline seems to have disappeared for good which would certainly indicate a more permanent solution like laser treatment for unwanted hair, rather than waxing. Dr Shahmalak, Britain’s leading hair transplant surgeon from the Channel 4 series ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ agrees, “’It is very likely that Kim Kardashian has had the baby hairs around hairline removed. This can be done by waxing – a similar procedure to how women remove hair from their legs or bikini line. But it is more likely that Kim has opted for laser surgery, a more permanent form of removal.”

So what is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is now considered the gold standard treatment for permanent hair reduction. It works by using either a Laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system to deliver light to the hair. The pigment in the hair absorbs the light which gets converted to heat (much in the same way a black t-shirt absorbs light from the sun and gets hot). The hair and more importantly the hair follicle heats to around 60-70 degrees for a split second and not only destroys the hair in question, but also destroys the stem cells at the base of the follicle which is responsible for producing that hair. Once the stem cells have been destroyed, that hair follicle will never produce again.

Laser hair removal is suitable for both facial hair and unwanted body hair. At Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth we have 3 different laser and IPL handpieces meaning you will get treated with whichever system is most appropriate for your hair and skin-type.

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