From misspelled Italian script like that of Hayden Panettiere to Chinese characters that mean nothing – getting inked involves a certain amount of trust and confidence in your tattooist. Having your tattoo done in the UK as opposed to having it abroad, you expect to receive a certain standard of care, standards in hygiene and…..standards in spelling? Not so as Mille 19 discovered.

As the Daily Mail article reveals, in an attempt to copy N-Dubz singer Tulisa Contostavlos, Mille opted to inscribe ‘Female Boss’ on her arm. Her ‘dyslexic’ tattooist however, left her arm inked with the words ‘Feamale Boss’.

Getting any kind of tattoo involves a certain amount trust and confidence in the tattooist who will be inking your skin. Thankfully most of our clients at our Bournemouth laser clinic choose to have their tattoos removed either because they no longer like the artwork which they had done years ago, or they wish to have names removed. So what are the options when things either go drastically wrong, or you have simply outgrown your artwork?

Your options really come down to whether you want complete removal, or would like a cover-up. Depending on the tattoo in question your desired cover-up may fit nicely on top and no tattoo removal treatment may be required. If however this is not the case, then a significant fading of the tattoo with laser tattoo removal would enable your tattooist to give you the cover-up you actually want, and not something you have to settle for.

At Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth we use an Active Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser for laser tattoo removal. We can treat all colours except green, which requires a ruby laser. Certain colours like turquoise and yellow are difficult to remove with any kind of laser. Generally speaking, the darker the ink, the easier it is to fade or remove. Black tattoos therefore are the easiest to remove with laser tattoo removal.

To remove a professional tattoo you are looking at 8-12 treatments spaced around 2 months apart. The 8 weeks or so in-between treatments are required in order to allow the body to get rid of the shattered ink particles under the skin. Tattoos should fade with each treatment until the tattoo has either gone completely or is barely visible. This will depend on the colour of the tattoo and how many sessions have been performed.

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