So you’ve decided to remove your tattoo. Great. But did you know there are a few basic things you can do to help speed the process up?

At Laser Skin Solutions we often get asked if there is anything patients can do in order to speed up their laser tattoo removal. The answer is ‘yes’, there are 5 things which you can do in order to help you get the most out of each laser tattoo removal treatment. The good news? You may be doing most of them already.

Laser tattoo removal relies on your immune system to clear away the ink. More specifically, it relies on your white blood cells to do the clearing up job. At our Bournemouth laser clinic we use a powerful Active Q-switched Nd:YAG laser which delivers the energy in nanoseconds. What this does is, it shatters the ink into tiny particles so that your white blood cells can come along and get rid of the ink. So, the better a person’s immune system and the more aggressive a person’s white blood cells, the more successful a laser tattoo removal treatment will be. Location also affects the speed at which it’s possible to remove a tattoo with laser treatment. The further away from the heart a tattoo is located (e.g. ankle), the longer it takes for that tattoo to fade.

Take for instance, a young, healthy, fit 20 year old with a tattoo on his/her chest. Compare this to someone in their 50s who has been partial to drinking and smoking for 30 years and is sporting a tattoo on his/her ankle – and you can start to see why laser tattoo removal treatment times can vary.

Smoking is the single biggest barrier to successful tattoo removal. It has been estimated that it can slow the process by up to 70%, according to an article published by the University of Florida. The number one thing therefore that you can do to help speed up your laser tattoo removal is to avoid cigarettes.

So, the 5 things you can do to help your laser tattoo removal are all centred around boosting your immune system:

  1. Avoid cigarettes
  2. Get 8 hours sleep a night (and keep to a regular sleep pattern)
  3. Eat well – aim to eat a balanced diet
  4. Take a good supplement (if you feel you can’t commit to having your 5 portions of fruit and veg per day)
  5. Commit to treatment

Point 5 may come as a surprise to you, but committing to treatment and accepting that you’re in this for the long haul, can be the difference between successfully removing the tattoo or not. Because laser tattoo removal involves a gradual fading process, clients can sometimes feel like giving up. But keeping to your appointment schedule and not allowing large time gaps to lapse is all part and parcel for successful laser tattoo removal within the least time possible.

At Laser Skin Solutions we recommend a 6 – 8 week gap between treatments and don’t recommend treatment any sooner than 6 weeks.

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