Monday morning. Your alarm goes off. You stumble into the bathroom and take a look in the mirror. What do you see? Tired, dull skin? If so, you’re not alone.

If like most people you tend to consume most of your weekly alcohol units at the weekend, chances are, your skin will be at its most dehydrated on a Monday morning. The ageing process and life style choices can really take their toll on your skin. But there are plenty of things you can do to help the largest organ of your body along the way.

At Laser Skin Solutions we take a very holistic approach to all treatments, especially our skin treatments where client participation can have the biggest effect on treatment outcome. There’s little point in paying for fantastic anti-ageing products and having regular glycolic peels, if every cell in your body is permanently dehydrated and crying out for water.

So what is a girl (and guy) to do?


Get your 8 hours. Eight hours of sleep that is. Sleep (along with water) is probably one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin looking great. A clinical trial performed at University Hospitals Case Medical Centre showed that sleep deprivation increases skin ageing and also depletes the body’s ability to recover from environmental stresses like UV radiation.


DRINK DRINK DRINK!!!! I cannot emphasise enough the importance of drinking water. Not only is it fantastic for your skin, it also aids other bodily functions like digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion. Although there is a debate as to whether drinking water improves the look of your skin at all, when you think about it your skin is made up of cells, which in turn are made out of 70% water. It’s a no brainer.


Sleeping 8 hours and drinking plenty of water will have limited impact on your skin ageing if you expose it to ultraviolet radiation 365 days of the year. Did you know that 90% of our skin ageing (due to environmental factors) occurs from the months of September, to May, and not during the summer months as most people think. UVA, the ray, which penetrates deep into the dermis, is the same strength all year round. It bypasses your melanocytes (your melanin producing cells), gives you no tan but does eat your collagen, gives you lines and wrinkles, and can cause skin cancer. We recommend using a daily sunscreen of at least spf30. We don’t advise using a sunscreen combined with a moisturiser. Reason being, based on the amount the average person would use as a moisturiser, your SPF protection can drastically reduce. It is estimated that someone using a moisturiser with a built in spf15, will get on average a protection of around spf4. At Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth we recommend using a separate sunscreen, preferably a zinc oxide physical block of at least spf30. At Laser Skin Solutions we stock both Jan Marini and Vitage SPF30


If you’d like to really brighten and hydrate your skin, glycolic peels are for you. Glycolic acid works by getting rid of the debris of dead skin cells, which lie on the surface of your epidermis, which can make our skin, look dull and lifeless. At Laser Skin Solutions we don’t recommend facial scrubs as we find these are too harsh and abrasive. Glycolic peels are a much more effective, yet gentle alternative to scrubs, which really ought to be saved for rough thickened skin areas like the soles of your feet – not your delicate facial skin. Clients sometimes worry that having a glycolic peel will mean a lot of downtime and often worry about what their skin will look like afterwards. There are varying degrees of acid peels and some, like TCA peels will indeed burn the upper layers of your skin. The glycolic peels we use in our Bournemouth laser clinic however have minimal downtime, as they do not burn the epidermis. The glycolic acid which comes from sugar cane simply dissolves the glue-like bond which holds dead skin cells together, meaning the debris on the surface of your skin simply comes away, leaving your skin looking smooth, radiant and refreshed.

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