When it comes to hair removal people generally fall into one of two camps. Those who’ve had their hair removed permanently with laser and those who wish they could afford laser hair removal. Whilst laser hair removal has without a doubt proven to be the single most effective form of permanent hair reduction (yes it is more effective than electrolysis hair removal, despite what you may read online), it isn’t the cheapest option upfront. At our Bournemouth laser clinic, six bikini line treatments cost on average around £600 (if a package is bought) which can seem like a lot to spend on de-fuzzing. However after the average 6-8 treatments required in order to permanently get rid of your unwanted hair, that’s pretty much it – no more plucking, waxing or shaving. As a laser clinic owner and laser trainer, it will probably come as no surprise that I am living proof that laser hair removal is indeed permanent – 17 years of proof to be exact as I started laser hair removal in the late 1990s. But would it surprise you if I told you that in the long term, laser hair removal is actually cheaper than shaving or waxing?

I could sit here and write and tell you all about the benefits of having laser hair removal (and there are several), but for me, and the majority of my clients at Laser Skin Solutions it’s the sheer freedom it gives you when you’re not having to both worry about, and deal with unwanted hair. There are financial benefits too. Laser hair removal, in the long term is cheaper than waxing and shaving and most importantly will save you a staggering amount of time. Time is money after all….and if you value your time, as much as your bank balance, then laser hair removal treatment is definitely not the unaffordable expensive option you once thought it to be, as the chart below demonstrates.

Table showing the cost of a Hollywood or Brazilian bikini wax vs. permanent hair removal. The table is based on a laser hair removal package of 8 treatments and a Brazilian wax at £30 per treatment.

Laser Wax
Year 1 £1,050 / 4 hours £360 / 4 hours
Year 10 No cost / no time £3,600 / 1 day 16 hours
Year 20 No cost / no time £7,200 / 3 days 8 hours
Year 30 No cost / no time £10,800 / 5 days exactly
Total £1,050 4 hours £10,800 / 120 hours
Results Permanent hair removal Not permanent. On-going treatment required

As this table shows, to have your bikini permanently removed, the cost would be approximately £1,050.00 and would take 4 hours of your time, spread over a year. On-going bikini waxing over 30 years would set you back approximately £10,800.00 and take up 5 lots of 24 hours of your time – or 10 days to be exact.

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Apart from laser treatment for hair removal we also offer a host of other treatments like tattoo removal, pigmentation treatment and acne treatment.

(Prices correct at 21 July 2014. The occasional Laser hair removal top-up treatment may be required for some people)