Beauty clinics offering laser treatments are on the up and Bournemouth beauty clinics are no exception. Many clients wishing to remain loyal to their local beauty clinic are often quite happy to swap their usual facial or waxing for a laser hair removal treatment. Beauty clinics however are not specialists in laser treatment and we would advise caution. Vanda Thomas who went public with her first degree burns last week in the Daily Mail learnt the hard way.

In the article, Vanda explains that her beautician was nice and friendly and so when laser hair removal was offered as a new treatment, she decided to go for it. The treatment has now left her with burns which may well end up as hypopigmented scars (white marks). From the profile picture in the article, Vanda is clearly Black British and should therefore have been skin typed as a type VI on the Fitzpatrick skin typing scale. She should never have been treated with what looks to be (judging by the burns) an IPL. And yet there are a fair few laser clinics in Bournemouth whose websites state they are using an IPL and yet claim to be able to treat ‘all skin types’. This is utter nonsense and we would advise serious caution to anyone in Bournemouth contemplating having their laser hair removal treatment or laser skin rejuvenation at a beauty clinic making these claims. Indeed if you are a darker skin type, we would advise you not to have treatment with an IPL at all.

So, how do you go about having a laser treatment, whilst keeping your skin safe? First and foremost, check their training. Most laser clinics only receive training from the people they’ve purchased the machine from. If it happens to be a small IPL which most beauty clinics buy, the training can be as little as a few hours. At most, it will be a day or two, and that’s for top end IPLs which small beauty clinics don’t tend to buy. Worse still are those clinics which opt to buy their equipment directly from China. These machines which are sourced directly from China arrive in the UK with nothing but a user manual. Always ask what ‘laser’ qualifications your laser operator holds. Beauty and even medical qualifications are all very well, but they are NOT laser qualifications.

Secondly, take a good look at the machine itself. In the laser world bigger is generally better, although there are several cheap lasers from China which are now being built with larger cases to give the illusion that they are large ‘medical-looking’ machines, when it fact a large part of the plastic casing is simply filled with air. If the machine looks small and is sitting on a trolley, these tend to be cheap IPLs. The cheaper the laser, the less control you have over the energy delivered onto the skin. Cheap lasers from China also don’t have the peak power outputs which medical grade lasers have. The problem therefore with having a laser, which doesn’t emit peak powers, is that it is unlikely to give a very successful hair removal treatment. Especially when you are looking to treat the finer lighter hairs left towards the end of a treatment. Cheap lasers have the worst combination of delivering both bad results and increasing the risk posed to skin. What you really want is a high-powered laser where the fluence, pulses and delays are manually controlled, by a highly trained and extremely competent laser operator who can get the most out of the machine, whilst keeping your skin safe.

Laser Skin Solutions is a clinic dedicated to delivering laser hair removal treatments using medical grade lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines. We are the most highly trained practitioners in Bournemouth. In addition to treating the general public, Kerry Belba is also a laser trainer and has trained dermatologist, GPs and clinicians alike. To find out about our qualifications and training check out the ‘about our clinic‘ page on our website.

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