Spots (Acne)

Spots (Acne)

Spots (Acne)

Everyone will experience spots at some point during their lifetime. For some people, spots or ‘acne’ can be more problematic than for others.

Every single spot, from the tiniest pinhead to the largest cystic spot is classed as ‘Acne’ in the medical field. Whereas some people will only get the odd spot now and then, some people can get full blown acne, or ‘Acne Vulgaris. This is caused by a particular bacteria which reacts with the sticky sebum in the skin which in turn causes inflammation in the form of a spot.

Treatment options:

1. Do nothing. There is always the option to do nothing. Acne can eventually clear on its own.

2. If your spots / acne is not severe, glycolic peels may be the answer for you.

3. If you have grade 3 acne or ‘acne vulgaris’ then laser / IPL treatment is your best option and is now considered the gold standard treatment by dermatologists.

At our Bournemouth laser clinic we find the best results for acne vulgaris is to combine glycolic peels with laser acne treatment.