Requests for laser tattoo removal in Bournemouth are on the rise

The recent explosion of new tattoo parlours in Bournemouth has resulted in a sharp rise in enquiries for laser tattoo removal. It comes as no surprise therefore to learn that the same is happening the world over. The Daily Mail reported in an article this week that cosmetic surgeons in Australia have seen a 300% rise in the number of people seeking laser tattoo removal treatment.

At Laser Skin Solutions the reasons as to why clients seek laser tattoo removal have always varied. Clients often no longer like the tattoo they had done 20 years ago and name removal has always been one of the most sought after treatments. More recently however we have seen an increase in clients seeking to remove spelling mistakes or tattoo artwork which have been badly done by inexperienced tattoo artists.

So what should you do when considering having a tattoo? Carl Collinson from Urban Tattoo gives us the lowdown on how to go about getting inked.

1. Choose a long-standing studio

2. Do your homework and check out their work

3. Get a consultation. This should be free to advise you on how to get the best tattoo. If they charge you for advice it’s not a good start

4. Having to wait for an appointment is a good thing, it means they are busy

5. Make sure your tattooist treats you well and tries to do what you want within the limitations of tattooing

Ken Wolfy from Inked Bournemouth couldn’t agree more. In addition he warns of the dangers of assuming that the artwork you see in the studio is that of the tattooist about to ink you, and says “Make sure you check out the artist, his work, credentials, insurance etc; NOT just the studio as the work you have seen might not have been done by the artist doing your tattoo.”

Sometimes however, even with the best will in the world (and the research to match) things can go awry.

What to do if things go wrong.
1. Speak to your tattoo artist or get a second opinion

Don’t panic. Don’t rush to have laser treatment either. First and foremost speak to your tattoo artist. In some cases they may be able to correct or tweak your artwork. If however you no longer have confidence in your tattooist it’s always worth getting a second opinion from a more experienced tattoo artist. It may be possible to do a cover-up.

2. Consider laser tattoo removal treatment – the sooner the better.

If the above is not an option and you’d like the tattoo removed, the sooner you can get yourself to a laser clinic the better. Within 4 weeks of your skin being tattooed, the ink gets encapsulated in collagen meaning it will take 1-2 years to remove. In some cases, if the tattoo can be lasered before the month is up, the time it takes to remove is drastically reduced.

3. Do your research when choosing a laser clinic.

At Laser Skin Solutions we often advise clients to have at least 2 consultations at different laser clinics. It’s important that you feel both comfortable and supremely confident with the person delivering your treatment. To find out the 3 most important things to check when choosing a clinic, check out our useful article on our website.

Most importantly, as Wolfy states “Think! Before you get Ink!”

For free and impartial advice on your laser tattoo removal options, please contact our Bournemouth laser clinic or call Laser Skin Solutions on 01202 29 69 69.

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