Groupon as a concept has been steadily declining since it first emerged a few years ago. There can be no doubt that this has in part been due to the realisation that you simply don’t get the same level of service or value for money. Never has this been so true as in the case of laser tattoo removal in Bournemouth and Winchester. With the explosion of tattoo studios has come the marked increase in laser tattoo removal requirements. A large percentage of this increase has been due to a mixture of simply ‘bad art’ and even spelling mistakes.

Laser clinics are currently in a period of deregulation whilst we await for the government to decide who will be the next regulatory body. Many tattoo studios in Bournemouth and Winchester have seized this opportunity to buy in cheap lasers (often from China) and are performing laser tattoo removal treatments in Bournemouth, a field of expertise they know little about and often with no training. Cheap lasers bought in from China (which at best achieve some fading, if any) often arrive in the UK with nothing but a badly translated user manual. I heard of one tattoo studio near Charminster which was settting up a laser machine in the same room as other artists who were tattooing at the same time, with no provision for eye safety. As a laser trainer and laser safety supervisor I am nothing short of appalled at this lack of duty of care.

So why are some laser tattoo removal machines cheap and some expensive? Well, it’s certainly not down to just cheap labour in China. It comes down to the power of the laser tattoo removal equipment itself. One of my clients told me with great confidence, that their tattoo artist had been ‘very happy to confirm indeed’ that he operated a ‘Q-Switched laser’ thereby offering what dermatologists recommend. That in itself, shows the sheer and utter ignorance as a result of lack of training that is currently out there. Anyone worth their salt knows that you simply cannot perform any kind of laser tattoo removal in Winchester or Bournemouth if the laser beam has not been Q-switched. This does not mean that it is a medical grade laser. The Q-switching of a laser beam is simply required for it to deliver its power in a much shorter period of time. This alters it from just heating the area, to focusing the energy on shattering the tattoo ink so that the body can effectively remove it via the blood. But there is a huge difference between an ‘Active’ Q-switched YAG laser for laser tattoo removal and a ‘Passive’ Q-Switched laser for tattoo removal. I often tell potential clients who are tempted to have their laser tattoo removal in Winchester and Bournemouth within a tattoo studio setting, to simply ask their tattoo artist whether their Q-Switched laser is ‘active’ or ‘passive’. If they look at you a bit blankly, then you have your answer.

Passive Q-switched lasers are only just powerful enough to achieve some tattoo fading. You need the additional power of an Active Q-Switched laser to effectively remove the unwanted ink and actually get rid of the tattoo.

The other main difference between active and passive Q-switched lasers is, you guessed it, the price. Put simply, most tattoo studios are either not willing or not able to spend the £60 – £80K required to purchase a medical grade active Q-switched laser for effective laser tattoo removal.

And don’t get me started on the lack of laser training in place……perhaps for my next blog.

Like all things in life, you really do get what you pay for, and never has this been so true as with laser tattoo removal in Winchester and Bournemouth. As a laser clinic owner, laser trainer and laser safety supervisor, if I was able to get the same results with cheaper equipment, I wouldn’t have invested tens of thousands of pounds in more expensive lasers. I did so, because it was the right things to do and at Laser Skin Solutions we are here for the long term, not to make a quick buck.

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