Laser tattoo removal has been around for quite some time now and has been widely available to both Joe Public and Hollywood stars alike. With tattoo parlours on the increase (and Bournemouth being no exception), people are getting inked without necessarily thinking of the long-term consequences. After all, you can easily get it removed, right? Wrong. Removed, yes. Easily – not so.

Laser tattoo removal takes time. Amateur tattoos take 4-6 treatments, whereas professional tattoos can take 8-12 treatments on average. In addition, you need to leave approximately 8 weeks or so between treatments, making laser tattoo removal quite a lengthy process, especially for those desperate to remove their unwanted tattoo as quickly as possible. Ex-partners names, wedding ring tattoos and dates, or simply bad or old fashioned art make up most of the laser tattoo removal treatments performed at our Bournemouth laser clinic.

Whilst laser tattoo removal is not easy, it is certainly easier to remove some colours than others. So when deciding on your new art, it may be worth considering the following when choosing colours:

Black tattoos are by far the easiest to remove and with the least side effects.
Red tattoos are fairly easy to remove but in a lot of cases will leave a faint ‘hue’ of colour on the skin, which although can happen with black tattoos, you’re more likely to get this with reds.
Green tattoos are fairly easy to remove, but again can leave a faint hue on the skin. Green tattoos require a certain type of laser which are not as readily found as lasers which treat reds and blacks
Blues and yellows: Can sometimes respond a little bit, but turquoise and yellow are largely regarded as near on impossible to remove with laser tattoo removal. Dark navy blues tend to respond.
Purples: difficult to treat

Laser tattoo removal side effects:
Generally black tattoos have the least side effects. Although mild swelling, reddening of the skin, pin-point bleeding and blistering can occur, black tattoos tend to have the least side effects of all the tattoo ink colours. Colours like red for instance tend to blister. Textural changes can occur but side effects from laser tattoo removal are extremely mild in comparison to chemical removal like rejuvi tattoo removal. At Laser Skin Solutions we do not recommend going down the chemical route due to the severe side effects like burning and scarring.

So what can be done if time is of the essence? Well, if you’re desperate to remove your tattoo as soon as possible, you may like to try the R20 laser tattoo removal option. Black tattoos can be treated 4 times, in one treatment sitting, with a 20 minute cooling in between. At Laser Skin Solutions we have started seeing dramatic results even with just 2 treatments being performed in one sitting. We’ll be blogging further on this soon.

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